Claus H. Honner

I'm a Danish based passionate marketeer and communicator with a keen eye for analysis and a proven record for sales, business development, technical support and customer relations.

In 2011 I completed a two year management education with focus on the pratical tools for operating a business.

I hold an Academy Profession in Business Marketing (export profile), from 2016, and are now half way through an Academy Profession in Business Communication which I expect to complete in 2018.


Areas of experties

Market analysis

Internal and external communication


Customer relation

Business development

Technical support



I'm not always right;

But I'm never wrong

I always strive to be the best version of me


About Me

I live in Denmark and besides my passion for knowledge my heart beats for animals and animal welfare. I support a number of organisations who works for nature and animal protection. As I work a lot the support is mainly economical. Amongst the organisations I support is the international World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) as well as the two Danish animal protection associations; Dyrenes Beskyttelse and Dyreværnet.

I'm a dog person and need to have a dog living with me. That job is currently filled by a wonderful Australian Cattle Dog who I was fortunate enough to be allowed to adopt from the shelter of Dyrenes Beskyttelse.

His predecessor in the job was a lovely Finish Lapphound which I had for 13 years.

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